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JP-S56122275-A: Picture forecasting and restoring system patent, JP-S56123383-A: Information transmission system for controlling corrosion prevention patent, JP-S56123529-A: Loader for optical device patent, JP-S56123854-A: Manufacture of tie for railroad and its regenerating method patent, JP-S56123944-A: Preparation of malonic acid dialkyl ester patent, JP-S56125353-A: Plant growth regulant compound, its manufacture and plant growth regulant agent patent, JP-S56125371-A: Azabicyclooctane derivative patent, JP-S56125942-A: Motor with rotor having hollow part patent, JP-S5612677-A: Electrophotographic copier patent, JP-S56129001-A: Spray dryer patent, JP-S56129422-A: Oscillation circuit patent, JP-S5612946-A: Air conditioning device patent, JP-S56129788-A: Controlling device for discharge pressure of pump patent, JP-S56129957-A: Failure processing system patent, JP-S56130249-A: Oscillation preventing device for dehydrator patent, JP-S56130309-A: Automatic switchgear for formwork patent, JP-S56131111-A: Clamping device for band of packer patent, JP-S56131375-A: Composition for forming food-coating film, and method for forming food-coating film patent, JP-S56131451-A: Brake booster for automobile patent, JP-S56131494-A: Surface structure particularly for aircraft patent, JP-S56131957-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S56131978-A: Multilayer piezoelectric transformer patent, JP-S56132925-A: Electric cleaner patent, JP-S56133210-A: Transparent aromatic gel composition patent, JP-S56133826-A: Electron beam painting device patent, JP-S56133902-A: Cooling device of noncontact current collecting induction coil for superconductive magnetic floating railway vehicle patent, JP-S56134181-A: Clamping device for screw patent, JP-S56134794-A: Method of producing refractory flexible printed circuit board patent, JP-S56134985-A: Method and apparatus for adjusting amount of yeast introduced into fermentation tank patent, JP-S56136196-A: Constant torque generator patent, JP-S56137019-A: Combustion control device patent, JP-S56137154-A: Hot inspection method for end of steel member patent, JP-S56137350-A: Optical fog exposing method for direct positive color photography patent, JP-S56137466-A: Electronic cash register patent, JP-S56139056-A: Dc motor patent, JP-S56139376-A: Pivotted door stopper patent, JP-S5614104-A: Measuring apparatus for curvature and torsion patent, JP-S56141403-A: Fluid controller patent, JP-S56141487-A: Joining method of duct patent, JP-S56141675-A: Method and device for manufacturing exposure plate for television set patent, JP-S56141705-A: Bus grounding device for switchboard or like patent, JP-S56141998-A: Mold for hot press patent, JP-S56142112-A: Gas filling and sealing mechanism for tray patent, JP-S56142503-A: Hybrid optical integrated circuit patent, JP-S5614299-A: Sound volume control circuit for electronic musical instrument patent, JP-S56144637-A: Bipolar transistor digital circuit patent, JP-S56145829-A: Cleaning apparatus of aquatic tank patent, JP-S56146970-A: Suction type refrigerating machine patent, JP-S56147487-A: Manufacture of schottky diode patent, JP-S56147894-A: Lubricant for plastic processing of metal patent, JP-S56148731-A: Magnetic recording medium patent, JP-S56148957-A: Liquid treating apparatus of fabric patent, JP-S56149709-A: Method of manufacturing barium titanate patent, JP-S56151291-A: Control device for pressure-tank type water-feeding device patent, JP-S56151605-A: Encasing device for commodity patent, JP-S56151759-A: Asphalt mixture for termite control patent, JP-S56153078-A: Transom containing lighting device for opening for porch,window and others patent, JP-S56153196-A: Coated pipe joint patent, JP-S56154068-A: Ink-jet recording device patent, JP-S56154148-A: Engine power controlling method of and appratus for automatic shift subshaft transmission patent, JP-S56154672-A: Self-calibrating overcurrent detector patent, JP-S56155032-A: Conveyer for moving article from production machine and cooling it patent, JP-S5615517-A: Proximity switch patent, JP-S5615677-A: Comfrey drink patent, JP-S5615687-A: Immobilized protease and its preparation patent, JP-S56157064-A: Manufacture of mis type semiconductor device patent, JP-S56157500-A: Leather marking and cutting device patent, JP-S56157558-A: Financial terminal equipment patent, JP-S56157669-A: Coal melting facility for coal frozen freight car patent, JP-S56158583-A: Picture recording system patent, JP-S56159151-A: Manufacture of label patent, JP-S56160534-A: Air warming method for plant house using water as medium which is heat-accumulated and heat-exchanged patent, JP-S56160648-A: Oxygen sensor patent, JP-S5616213-A: Electric control unit patent, JP-S56162244-A: Controlling method of air-fuel ratio patent, JP-S56163809-A: Fixing chuck for machine tool patent, JP-S5616407-A: Tacky depilatory sheet patent, JP-S56164780-A: Unit for cutting off peduncles from fruits patent, JP-S56164820-A: Prevention of corrosion of stern tube sleeve patent, JP-S56165173-A: Electrophotographic copying apparatus patent, JP-S56165332-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-S56165955-A: Information recording system patent, JP-S56166205-A: Stereoregular polymerization of alpha-olefin patent, JP-S56166483-A: Alarm contact unit for alarm clock patent, JP-S56166958-A: Liquid injecting apparatus patent, JP-S56167415-A: Core mold for forming bent pipe patent, JP-S5616743-A: Excavator patent, JP-S56167900-A: Wave generating pool patent, JP-S56168180-A: Ultrasonic range finder patent, JP-S56168454-A: Am stereophonic receiver patent, JP-S56168481-A: Display device patent, JP-S5617103-A: Rolling method for h-beam patent, JP-S5617213-A: Production of duplicate article patent, JP-S5617341-A: Alignment stage for step and repeat exposure patent, JP-S5617623-A: Manufacture of emulsion using packing pipe emulsifying device patent, JP-S5617833-A: Paper feed pressure regulator patent, JP-S5618215-A: Petroleum oil combustion equipment patent, JP-S5618295-A: Double heat pipe for rotary shaft and manufacture of said pipe patent, JP-S5619109-A: Steering unit for unattended induction car patent, JP-S5619374-A: Electromagnetic coupling device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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