Domestic energy storage power supply system of 10KVA



The utility model provides a domestic energy storage power supply system of 10KVA, setting up on the outer wall of cavity with scavenger fan opposed separation casing of practising physiognomy, the head of separation casing is setting up a filter sleeve, the head of separation casing is erectting the aluminium orifice plate that static and paint baking are prevented to the first surface, a directly setting up the 2nd filter sleeve for ventilating link up the groove, an aluminium orifice plate for ventilating the one end that link up the groove is erectting the second surface and is preventing static and paint baking, to such an extent as to avoided the good notebook computer that leads to of the abundant flow that is difficult to produce the air among the prior art, flow performance can't realize that high -efficient cooling lacks cooling arrangement and gets off it self thermal drop, make the controller temperature to surpass normal operating temperature, the performance that leads to the controller and efficiency reduction, prevents that the particulate matter from attacking and the not good defect of anti -static function in the unable short time.




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