Combustion control device

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Tokyo Electric Co Ltd
  • Publication Date: October 26, 1981
  • Publication Number: JP-S56137019-A


PURPOSE: To simplify the circuit construction, decrease the cost, prolong the life of the device and improve the safety thereof by taking the action timing of a prepurge control circuit and a safety circuit by use of an oscillation circuit. CONSTITUTION: A prepurging time to be set by a prepurge control circuit 14 of a combustion device and an allowable fire extinguishing time of a safety circuit 15 which operates when fire extinguishing state continues for a long a period of time after starting the combustion operation of the combustion device, are set by an oscillation circuit 19. An alarm 11 which responds to the prohibition control action of the circuit 15 and a selection circuit 34 which forms a path for supplying an oscillation output of an oscillation circuit 19 to the safety circuit 15 respending to the operation of the prepurge circuit 14, are provided. By this organization, the circuit cons truction can be simplified. COPYRIGHT: (C)1981,JPO&Japio




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