Dc motor


PURPOSE:To eliminate radio wave fault by burying a metallic shielding plate in a terminal base, pressing an earth electrode cylinder for surrounding a noise preventive element and a yoke opening end to the shielding plate and thus absorbing high frequency noise generated from the interior of a DC motor. CONSTITUTION:A metallic shielding plate 14 is buried in a terminal fixing base 4 made of synthetic resin. The base 2 of a brush 1 is passed through a noise preventive element 3, projected therefrom, and an earth electode cylinder 3a for surrounding the element 3 is pressed on the shielding plate 14. When the terminal fixing base 4 is associated with the yoke 7, the shielding plate 14 is pressed on the opening end of the yoke 7, and a noise preventive element 13 is disposed inside surrounded by the yoke 7 and the shielding plate 14. Thus, the high frequency noise can be absorbed to the noise preventive element, and the radio wave fault to the external equipment can be eliminated.




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