Measuring apparatus for curvature and torsion


PURPOSE: To make it possible to measure the curvature and torsion of building materials, etc., by vertically moving a resistance bar in accordance with the unevenness of a material to be measured by sliding the resistance bar on the top surface of the measured material, and then by reading its extent of movement in terms of variation in resistance value. CONSTITUTION: Material 1 to be measured is mounted on horizontal mount table 11 and support legs 9 and 10 of a curvature and torsion measuring apparatus are moved along the top surface of mount table 11. At this time, resistance bar 2 moves vertically in accordance with the curvature and torsion of material 1 to be measured and the distance between sliding contact segment 15 and fixed contact 20 at the tip of resistance bar 2 varies. Since the resistance value between sliding contact segment 15 of resistance bar 2 and fixed contact 20 varies in proportion to their distance, the resistance value variation is read by an electric resistance measuring apparatus connected between lead wires 18 and 19, so that the curvature and torsion states of material 1 to be measured can be found to the contrary. COPYRIGHT: (C)1981,JPO&Japio




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