Bipolar transistor digital circuit

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Nec Corp
  • Publication Date: November 11, 1981
  • Publication Number: JP-S56144637-A


PURPOSE:To obtain a bipolar digital circuit with various functions by providing a PNP transistor and NPN transistor on the same substrate and by supplying an input signal to the bases of both transistors from the same input terminal. CONSTITUTION:To bases 2 and 5 of PNP transistor 10 and NPN transistor 11 integrated on the same substrate, a driving base voltage is supplied in common from the same input terminal 7 via resistance elements 8 and 9 for current control. In this constitution, the voltage value of the signal inputted from input terminal 7 is controlled to control the continuity and discontinuity of the PNP and NPN transistors with the same input signal. Namely, the switching of the NPN and PNP transistors is determined according to the signal of each base and a combination of collector voltages of both the transistors is utilized as an output signal, so that various digital circuits are constituted.




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