Manufacture of schottky diode

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Showa Denko Kk
  • Publication Date: November 16, 1981
  • Publication Number: JP-S56147487-A


PURPOSE:To enhance the rectifying property by doping an electron receiving compound from one surface of an acetylene high polymer molded product having a specified bulk density, and depositing Al and the like on the other side. CONSTITUTION:Since the acetylene high polymer molded product whose bulk density is about 0.7-1.2g/cm<3> is nonporous and has few voids, it is not infiltrated and diffused to the inside when Al, Ga, In, and the like are deposited, and the rectifying property and stability against oxidation can be improved. The electron receiving compound such as halogen, metal halide, proton acid, or the like is introduced from one surface. The temperature, the time, the concentration, and the quantity are adequately selected, and the doping, is performed at 250 deg.C or less. Thereafter, one of Al, Ga, and In is deposited. Al and In show especially good rectifying characteristics.




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