Financial terminal equipment

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Fujitsu Ltd
  • Publication Date: December 04, 1981
  • Publication Number: JP-S56157558-A


PURPOSE:To prevent the operator from mistaking the insertion entrance, forgetting to take the medium, etc., by causing light emitting means in entrances and exits, which should be operated by the operator, to emit the light in accordance with a processing mode. CONSTITUTION:The operator depresses a transaction item key on a keyboard 7. Here, when the operator designates the cash payment and register mode, signals to cause respective light emitting plates 11 in a card insertion entrance 3 and a bankbook insertion entrance 4 to emit the light are transmitted to the light emitting plate driving circuit. The operator inserts corresponding mediums to insertion entrances where light emitting plates flash. Next, a control device 12 transmits a display instruction to instruct the operator to input his private number to the keyboard 7. The operator depresses ten-keys on the kyeboard 7 to transmit the code signal corresponding to his private number to the device 12. Hereafter, the device 12 transmits signals to cause light emitting plates 11 in the keyboard 7, the card insertion entrance 3, the bankbook insertion entrance 4, a cash taking-out exit 5, and a cash insertion entrance 6 to emit light as required. As a result, the operator is informed of operation procedures accurately.




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