Picture recording system

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Canon Inc
  • Publication Date: December 07, 1981
  • Publication Number: JP-S56158583-A


PURPOSE:To make a write-in to one frame memory faster and to reproduce through recording a video information of objective with faster movement on a narrow band magnetic tape, by converting an analog video signal obtained by an photograph device to a digital signal. CONSTITUTION:The objective picture to be picked up is formed on a photoelectric transducing plane of a photoelectric conversion element plate 5 with a lens, and the photoelectric transducing charge according to the brightness of each video element of the objective is stored on the photoelectric transducing element corresponding to the video element of the element plate 5. The electric charge stored on the element plate 5 is sequentially read out on an A/D converter 11 by the control of a control circuit 13 and converted into a digital signal to be stored in one frame memory 12. Further, the information stored in a menory 12 is read out with the low speed scanning signal from the control circuit 13 to be stored on a cassette tape 7 of a micro cassette recorder 6. The write-in of information on the memory 12 is started with the 1st step operation of a release button 1 of a picture pickup device, it is stopped at the 2nd stage operation, and the start of the recorder 6 and the stop of recording of the 1st frame are made at the same time.




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