Tacky depilatory sheet


PURPOSE:A tacky depilatory sheet suitable for easy handling, removing hair from their roots, comprising a specific thermoplastic elastomer, tackifying resin, butyl rubber and liquid polymer as constituent ingredients. CONSTITUTION:A tacky depilatory sheet comprising a thermoplastic elastomer having a tensile strength of 10kg/cm<2> at least and a melt index not more than 200, a tackifying resin having a softening point not higher than 180 deg.C, butyl rubber, and a liquid polymer miscible with the three above-mentioned ingredients. A styrene- isoprene-styrene-copolymer with styrene content of 5-45wt%, etc. may be cited as the elastomer. A uniformly dispersed mixture of the above-mentioned ingredients is formed into a film or sheet to give the tacky depilatory sheet, which is brought into contact with the dried skin surface tightly and stripped off forcedly so that hair is removed with ease without leaving a pressure-sensitive adhesive on the skin.




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