Drawing device of type photo-composing machine


PURPOSE: To simply realize the drawing of an oblique line and an optional graphic by facilitating the simultaneous drives of X- and Y-axes, by possessing the X- and Y-axis drive systems capable of simultaneously moving a light source 2 or a sensitizing material 8 in the X- and Y-axial directions and the micro processor controlling the register giving commands to those drive systems and a data memory. CONSTITUTION: The X- axis and the Y-axis drive systems 10, 12 capable of moving a light source 2 or a sensitizing material 8 simultaneously in the X-axial and the Y-axial directions, the X-axis operation command register 15, the Y axis operation command register 16 giving movement commands to those drive systems, the waiting circuits 22, 23 giving operation commands to the X-axis and the Y-axis operation command registers 15, 16 when Δt time has elapsed after a preliminarily setting micro time Δt is given, the data memory 19 storing the data of an optional graphic, and the microprocessor 13 controlling the X-axis and the Y-axis operation commands registers 15, 16, the time waiting circuits 22, 23, and the data memory 19 are possessed. Because computing X-axis and Y-axis position and modulation information to the minimum resolution unit given by micro time Δt, the drawing of a short segment and the precise setting of drawing position become possible. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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