Telephone set with voice dialling function


PURPOSE: To eliminate the need for a troublesome manual operation for the interruption of dialing by adopting the constitution that the dialing is stopped and then the state enabling the dialing is resumed after a specific voice is recognized during the sending of a dial signal. CONSTITUTION: Even when a dial circuit 9 sends a dial signal, a voice recognition section 4 continues the operation of voice recognition. When a subscriber desires to dialing to a called party due to any convenience, the subscriber utters, e.g., 'stop', then the voice recognition section 4 recognizes the voice and the result of recognition is sent to a control section 6. The control section 6 discriminates whether or not the result of recognition is a predetermined voice as the voice stopping the dialing, and when the voice is the voice to stop dialing, the dialing executed at present is stopped immediately, a command is sent to a line control circuit 10 to open the line 2 once. Then the line control circuit 10 closes the line 2 after a prescribed time and the dialing is resumed by using the voice dial function. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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