PURPOSE: To enable complicated characters after recording to be read clearly by a simple device and only a character pattern to be duplicated by generating a character and a code pattern against data entering a signal line and recording both character and code patterns on a recording medium after making them match using the first and the second color respectively. CONSTITUTION: A control 5 generates a character and a code patterns respectively from a character pattern generating means 10 and a code pattern generating means 11 in accordance with data entering a signal line 2. Then the control regulates in such a manner that a character pattern may be recorded on a paper using the first color of an ink ribbon and a code pattern corresponding to the character pattern using the second color, both by means of a printer 14. For instance, if black ink is placed in the first block of an ink ribbon and a green ink in the second block, only characters can be duplicated with a green filter. Further, if an optical sensor is provided on a carriage, it is possible to input characters or reprint through the readout of bar codes. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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