Timer device


PURPOSE: To decide the quality of plural operating keys by pushing them in accordance with a prescribed sequence. CONSTITUTION: By operating an operating key 8a of an operating part 8 which has been connected to a controller 7, a time program memory 7a in the controller 7 is controlled, and from the controller 7 to a power source controlling circuit 10, a power source is turned ON and OFF at a set time. That is to say, the power source of a tuner device and other audio equipment is controlled, and to a PLL circuit 3, a control signal of an oscillation frequency is outputted. In addition, at a set time, reception of a set broadcasting station is executed, or it is turned OFF. Also, a display signal is supplied to a display device 9 from the controller 7, and in this state, the present time, etc., a stereo state or not, and a muting state or not, etc. are displayed. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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