Semiconductor device


PURPOSE: To prevent damage from being inflicted on the layers beneath the bump and to improve the reliability by a method wherein a flat bump with its upper surface having no recessed part is formed and thermocompressing bonding of the leads is uniformly executed over the whole upper surface of the bump. CONSTITUTION: A first insulating film 2 is provided on part of the surface of a semiconductor substrate 1 and a first wiring layer 3 is selectively formed thereon. A second insulating film 4 having apertures 5 is selectively formed thereon. A pad 6 is laminated on the second insulating film 4 and its apertures 5, and third insulating films 7 are formed on the peripheral parts of the pad 6 in the same thickness as the depth of the recessed parts formed in the pad 6. A contact metal layer 8 and a barrier metal layer 9 are formed on the third insulating films 7 and the pad 6, and a bump 10 is grown on the barrier metal layer 9. According to this constitution, an equalization of the pressure of thermocompression bonding to the bump in the bonding of inner leads can be contrived, the damage to be inflicted on the insulating films under the pad and the semiconductor substrate can be also alleviated, the generation of cracks and the peeling of the leads are also reduced and the reliability is also improved. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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