Vibration isolator for autobalance centrifugal separator


PURPOSE: To increase permissible unbalance quantity with a simple structure by joining a rotor body which is freely displaced in the radius direction to a vertical shaft and fitting a rubber column in a side upper than the joined position. CONSTITUTION: The top end of a vertical shaft 4 of an autobalance centrifugal separator is inserted to the inside of a central hole of a side join part 22 of a rotor body 1 through an under part and joined and the vertical shaft 4 is rotated via a motor 2 supported by a rotor drop prevention pin 10 and the rotor body 1 is rotated. The alignment is facilitated by accepting mass eccentricity in a period of unbalance operation with a rubber column 14 of a part upper than the rotor body 1. Since the rotor body 1 is freely displaced in the horizontal direction for the vertical shaft 4, it is autobalance even in unbalance and the intrinsic number of vibration is seldom decreased within the region of the ordinary number of revolutions and the permissible unbalance quantity can be increased. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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