Printing apparatus


PURPOSE:To provide a high speed and high quality thermal transfer recording apparatus independently of the surface configuration of a receiving article, by constituting a pressure transfer means of a mechanism holding the receiving article and a film like recording medium between an elastomer and a back surface holding member to press both of them. CONSTITUTION:A transfer blade 46 holds receiving paper and a current supply thermal transfer film 13 between said blade 46 and a platen 47 to press both of them. A press mechanism 48 presses the transfer blade 46 to the platen 47 through a fulcrum 19 in the axial direction of said platen 47 and this platen 47 is a back surface holding member for holding receiving paper 12 being an article to be printed. The current supply thermal transfer film 13 delivered from a film supply roller 43 is contacted with a recording electrode 20 at the edge part 60 of a current supply recording head 21. Therefore, good current supply is enabled between the recording electrode 20 and a resistance layer 14 and the recording head is perfectly independent of the surface state of the receiving paper 12. By this method, the selected part 61 of an ink layer 11 is melted under heating by the current supply heating of the resistance layer 14.




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