Arm short-circuit-proof circuit


PURPOSE: To enable an arm short-circuit-proof period to be set in a wide range and at high precision, by setting the arm short-circuit-proof period with a counter counting clock pulse, and by organizing the whole device in purely digital system. CONSTITUTION: A U-phase-arm short-circuit-proof period setting circuit 7 is organized with a digital one shot multiplexer consisting of a D flip-flop 8, an AND gate 9, a counter 10, a NOT gate 11, and a NAND gate 12, and to the U-phase-arm short-circuit-proof period setting circuit 7, U shape gate signal and clock pulse fed by a PWM signal generating circuit are fed. An X- phase-arm short-circuit-proof period setting circuit 17 is also organized in the same circuit system as that of the U-phase-arm short-circuit-proof period setting circuit 7. The outputs of the U-phase and X-phase arm short-circuit-proof period setting circuits 7, 17, and the inversion signal of U phase gate signal and the U phase gate signal are applied to AND gate 15, 16 to lead out U phase gate pulse and X phase gate pulse. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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