Thin film magnetic disk


PURPOSE: To obtain sufficient strength of the titled disk for the sliding and contact with a magnetic head by forming a protective film consisting essentially of Si and C on the surface of the thin film magnetic disk. CONSTITUTION: A substrate layer 2 of an Ni-P alloy and a magnetic medium 3 are formed on a substrate 1 obtained by grinding an Al-Mg alloy substrate, and the material is preheated at 200°C in vacuum. After the material is kept under such conditions for several hours, a sintered SiC target is RF-sputtered in an Ar atmosphere to form an SiC film 4 on the magnetic medium 3. Consequently, when the magnetic head and the magnetic disk rotating at high speed are accidentally brought into contact with each other, or the head slides on the disk by a CSS, the strength sufficient to resist the contact is provided, and the deformation and chipping of the protective film itself resulting in head crash can be prevented. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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