Printed circuit board restoration welding machine


PURPOSE: To execute a complicated positioning, to improve the work efficiency, and to automate the positioning by providing a rotary unit which can be fixed, and a linear movable unit which can move forward and backward, and to the right and left. CONSTITUTION: A printed circuit board 70 having a wiring restoration part is placed on a work base 8 constituted of a work table from a rotary unit 92 and a linear mobile unit 91. The wiring restoration part of the printed circuit board 70 is positioned by operating the work table unit 90, to a position set in advance so that this wiring restoration part coincides with the tip of a welding tool 11. Subsequently, a restoration material 80 is connected to a prescribed part by the welding tool 11. In this way, the work efficiency can be improved. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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