Production of silicon carbide whisker of high-quality


PURPOSE:To obtain a SiC whisker of high-quality having remarkably reduced content of SiO2 of impurity, by producing SiC whisker by heat reaction of moldings of silicon-containing raw material with a powdery carbon-containing raw material and burning an unreacted carbon together with CO2. CONSTITUTION:Moldings of a solid silicon-containing raw material such as silica, silica glass sand, agalmatotite, etc., are reacted with a powdery carbon- containing raw material under H2 gas atmosphere normally at 1,500-1,700 deg.C to provide a SiC whisker. Then, the resultant reaction product is charged into a muffle furnace and unreacted carbon in above-mentioned reaction product is burned at a furnace temperature of 600-1,050 deg.C under only CO2 gas atmosphere or CO2-air mixture gas atmosphere containing >=10vol% CO2. Thus, the SiC whisker having remarkably reduced SiO2 content as an impurity is obtained.




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