Icp emission analysis instrument


PURPOSE: To permit checking of whether there is abnormal lifting of a soln. sample or not and to improve the efficiency of an analysis operation by providing a bubble detecting means in the middle of a sample lifting tube connected to a nebulizer for atomizing the soln. sample. CONSTITUTION: A photointerrupter 17 as the bubble detecting means for detecting the bubbles incorporated into the sample lifting tube 7 connected to the nebulizer 14 for atomizing the soln. sample is provided to the middle of said sample lifting tube 7. Prescribed time is set in response to the start of the sample lifting of an automatic lifting device 2 by a timer circuit 20 and the prescribed time set in response to the bubble detection signal from the photointerrupter 17 is cleared. The operation of the automatic lifting device 2 is stopped by a driving stopping circuit 22 in response with the time up signal outputted upon lapse of the prescribed time set in response with the bubble detection signal from the photointerrupter 17. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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