Oil passage structure for engine


PURPOSE:To enable the area of an oil return passage to be ensured without imposing a special restriction on a cylinder block by providing the oil return passage by using an intake manifold member as the structure member of an engine and a supporting stay thereof. CONSTITUTION:To a cylinder head 10 is connected an intake manifold member 18 by means of a gasket 17, and then, by using said member 18 and a supporting stay 19 is provided an oil return passage 20 interconnecting the cylinder head 10 with a crank case 8. That is, the intake manifold member 18 is provided in such a manner that the No.1-No.4 intake pipes 21-24 corresponding to each cylinder are placed, and at the same time, between the No.2 and No.3 intake pipes 22, 23 is placed the No.1 passage 25 leading into the cylinder head 10 in parallel to the intake pipes 21-24. While, on the supporting stay 19 is provided the No.2 passage 26 by way of a through hole leading from its upper end to its lower end, and then, the oil return passage 20 is composed of these No.1 and No.2 passages 25, 26.




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