Driving of sheet pile into soft ground


PURPOSE: To simplify construction work using short sheet piles as well as greatly reduce the cost of construction by a method in which the upper end and the lower part of sheet piles are connected with shore strut, the sheet piles are concurrently driven into the ground, and the upper end shore strut is removed out thereafter. CONSTITUTION: Sheet piles 1 are vertically driven in a mutually facing manner into both banks of river and the upper ends and central parts of the piles 1 are connected with shore struts 2 and 3 by clamping with bolts. A beam 4 is set on the upper ends of the left and right-handed piles 1, and a vibrator 5 is set on them. The piles 1 are then concurrently driven into the ground until the lower side shore strut 3 of the piles 1 reaches the river bed or are buried to some extent in the ground. The lower shore strut is left as the connector of the piles 1, and only the upper shore strut 2 is removed out. The sheet piles 1 can thus be economically constructed with high self-supporting force to not-so- deep penetration depth because it can withstand earth pressure sufficiently. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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