Pulley structure of belt type continuously variable transmission


PURPOSE: To reduce noise by providing two pulley half bodies and pressing a vibration restraining member having a natural frequency different from that of the pulley half body to at least one of two pulley half bodies. CONSTITUTION: A fixed pulley half body 4 has an inclined surface 4a on one side surface and an annular collar 6 projected on the outer peripheral portion of the other side surface. An annular vibration restraining member 7 made of metal is pressed to the other side surface of the fixed pulley half body 4. The rotational frequency of the vibration restraining member 7 is set to be different from that of the fixed pulley half body 4. Accordingly the vibration of the pulley half body and the vibration of the vibration restraining member interfere with each other so as to restrain the vibration of the pulley. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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