Japanese word processor


PURPOSE: To recognize the picture of a prepared document and a printing state without conducting a printing test by recognizing the correspondence of the display state to the printing state in the preparation of a sentence where lines both in English and Japanese mix and recognizing lines in English that cannot be displayed in a guidance display area. CONSTITUTION: In a Japanese word processor alphabets are replaced and dis played with half size character. If the number of dots between the so-called Japanese characters is smaller than the number of dots of the half size charac ter, the printing area that alpherbets account for is displayed by half sequares. On the contrary, if the number of dots between the Japanese characters is larger than the pitch of alpherbets, alpherbets are displayed in a sentense screen area on a CRT as much as possible. As for the alpherbets that still remain undisplayed, a special code showing that the alpherbets to be displayed still exist is displayed at the end of the alpherbets displayed in the sentence screen area. When a cursor points is displayed in the upper and lower guidance areas on the display screen. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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