Silicone resist material


PURPOSE:To form a pattern by simple and rapid processing when a silicone resist material is irradiated with energy such as UV, X-rays, gamma-rays or electron beams, by using a specified polysiloxane. CONSTITUTION:Polysiloxane having structures represented by formulae I as essential structures is used. In the formula (I), R1 is 1-10C alkyl group, 6-14C substd. or unsubstd. aryl group, at least one of R2-R6 is carboxyl group, phenolic hydroxyl or a group contg. phenolic hydroxyl and each of the remaining groups is H, halogen, alkyl group or the like. In the formula (II), each of R7 and R8 is vinyl group, allyl, gamma-methacryloxypropyl or the like. A simply and rapidly processable silicone resist material is obtd.




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