Manufacture of two-phase stainless steel strip having superplastic deformability with planetary mill


PURPOSE:To obtain a two-phase stainless steel sheet having superior superplasticity in a smaller number of stages by hot rolling an SUS329 T2L1 two-phase stainless steel slab and rapidly cooling it at once so as to make the austenite phase fine by recrystallization during superplastic working. CONSTITUTION:SUS329 T2L1 two-phase stainless steel contg. C, Si, Mn, P, S, Ni, Cr, Mo, N and Fe is manufactured by refining. A slab of the steel is hot rolled with a planetary mill and rapidly cooled at once so as to easily form fine austenite grains during superplastic working and to make the existing coarse austenite phase fine by recrystallization during the working.




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