Defrosting operation control method for airconditioner


PURPOSE: To prevent a mean having capacity from being decreased by a method wherein a decreased temperature per unit hour of one of an indoor discharging air temperature and an indoor heat exchanger is detected, and a defrosting prohibiting interval is made short when the detected value is higher than a set value. CONSTITUTION: Since a frosting condition of an external heat exchanger 5 is generated when an outdoor temperature is low and an evaporation temperature of coolant within a freezing cycle is low, so the frosting temperature is detected by a sensing means for sensing a decreased temperature per unit time of the outdoor heat exchanger 5, indoor discharged air and the indoor heat exchanger 3, and defrosted and so the time required for defrosting operation is short and the reduction in temperature of the indoor area is less. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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