Production of external parts for hard portable timepiece


PURPOSE:To produce external parts for timepieces at a low cost by subjecting hard stainless steel products or hard Ni-Cr alloy consisting of a specific compsn. to hot forging thereby decreasing the number of forging. CONSTITUTION:The hard stainless steel products consisting, by weight, of 14-16% Cr, 2-4% Ni, 4-6% Mo, 2-4% Cu, 0.5-1.5% Al, 0.5-1.5% Si, and the balance Fe and inevitable impurities or the hard Ni-Cr alloy consisting of 50-65% Ni, 35-45% Cr, 3-5% Al and inevitable impurities is used as a raw material stock. Either of the above-mentioned hard materials is hot forged by a press machine, etc., to a prescribed shape and is subjected to a heat treatment at need at the solutionization temp. to stabilize the structure. The external parts for the hard portable timepieces are produced at the low cost by the above-mentioned method.




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